Mbogo Schools Secretariat.

The first campus of the Mbogo Schools was established in 1995 at a rented premise in Kawempe Mbogo village in Kawempe division, Kampala district. Over the last 20 years, the schools have triumphed several challenges to expand into 5 campuses housing 3 secondary schools, a primary school and a vocational school.


All our schools are ranked among the top 100 performing schools in the country and the most important of all, they are regarded model private schools by our parents, staff and students and the Muslim community. Our achievements are attributed to the teachers, especially the ones in administration, long-serving teachers, non-teaching and support staff, not to forget the endless support of the directors and founders of MBOGO schools.

All praises belong to Allah S.W.T for hist abundant mercies that have enabled us to move this far!. We pay glowing tribute to all individuals and organisations/ institutions that have supported us over the 20 years. We are particulary grateful to the several generations of our parents, students and staff who contributed enormously to the phenomenal growth we celebrate today!. We cannot forget to thank sister schools (especially Kawempe Muslim S.S, UMEA, UMTA and UMSC for their guidance and technical support.

Who We Are

Mbogo schools are Muslim founded private schools, currently five in number;

  1. Mbogo High School (Girls)
  2. Mbogo Mixed Secondary School
  3. Mbogo College School
  4. Mbogo Junior School
  5. Mbogo Secondary and Vocational School


To be the leading institutions offering all round quality education


To produce morally upright citizens with relevant knowledge and skills for personal and national development.

Core Values

God fearing, self-discipline, creativity and innovativeness, love and respect for self and humanity, team work and time management.


To nurture responsible, patriotic citizens with relevant skills for personal and national development.


Every child entrusted to us has unique individual attributes which should be natured with love, care and effective support. Every learner must be inspired to grow into the purpose for which holistic education is established and become leaders.

Where We Are

For a period of over 20 years, Mbogo schools are now well established with a Secretariat as the centre for planning and co-ordination of the key programmes. the founders continue to see a great opportunity to expand accessibility to quality education in the country.