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General FAQs
  • Do you cater for all religions?

    All Our institutions are Muslim founded but we also consider other religions.

  • What is the fees structure

    The school fees for all institutions is determined by the Board of Directors. Any proposal for adjustments in fees structure should be initiated by the Accounting officer to the Financial Committee which will then be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

    Parents/ students who may not be able to raise full payment at the beginning of the term may be allowed to pay 75% as first installment.

  • How to get admitted

    Thank you for your interest in our schools. To get admitted, pick the admission forms for any of our institutions from the School Secretariat at Mbogo High School, Kawempe Ttula.

    You can as well pick the admission letter from the respective schools.

  • Testimonial
    • Mbogo High School was more than than a mere school to me. It was a place where success was assured, a place where I met different people of different cultures…
      Shamsa Mahmood
    • A proud old girl of Mbogo High School class of 2011 to 2014. Nalinya was my house and am so grateful to the team of teachers that I passed through…
      Nabirye TracyOperations Manager, Shukran Habib Consultants Ltd
    • I am proud to tell others that I went to a school that strengthened my leadership qualities through many clubs and activities. I have been given the opportunity to prove…
      Shazma FaridAdministrative Assistant, Darley Investments
    • Thank you Lord for Mbogo High School. It is from this school that I got nurtured into the real world aspects.
      Namuwaya HajarahLecturer, MUBS
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    At the secretariat we combine all the five campuses of the Mbogo Schools; Mbogo Junior, Mbogo College, Mbogo High School, Mbogo Secondary and Mbogo Mixed Secondary School.

    We provide information about all the above campuses like admissions, fees structure, visitation days, parents meetings, academic days and any other important information.

    We are located at Kawempe Tula road at Mbogo High School.

    Janat Mukalazi
    Office of the Secretariat