21 thoughts on “Mbogo Mixed Sec. Sch.

    1. Congs to him, good results.
      We can admit him At Mbogo Mixed
      Fees 940,000 for only term one the rest of of the terms 790,000
      Admission 50,000
      Requirements 295,000

    2. Good afternoon everyone on the platform i hereby apply for my two children from Buganda Road Primary school ,a boy and a girl . Aboy got 20 Aggs MTC-7,ENG-6, SST-3,SCI-4, (Okwir Uthuman his name)

      The Girl got 21Aggs MTC-7,ENG-5,SST-4,SCI-5 (Amongi Fatihah her Name)

  1. Hello, greetings to all. My name is Lynn and would want to bring my son in S.1. What could be the fees structure like!?

  2. Hi,am Sophie and would like to pick my certificates for senior 4 and senior six.am I allowed to come in this covid situation?mbogo high

  3. Good morning
    I would like to admit my son in S. 1
    He got 12 points
    What’s the fees structure, what other requirements are needed

    1. Assalam Alaikum WW
      school fees 850,000/-
      Requirements 295,000/-
      Admission 50,000/-
      development fee 150,000/- (paid once)

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